England star's revenge for fan's cruel sledge

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A assemblage video has revealed unnecessary taunts directed astatine England stars Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow arsenic they made their mode to the Members Pavilion dressing country during the beverage interruption today.

Footage sent to the Sydney Morning Herald by a witnesser shows the batting duo being vilified for their physique and value by astatine slightest 1 spectator.

From wrong the neighbouring Noble Stand, sledges aimed astatine the brace tin beryllium heard.

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England's Ben Stokes walks disconnected aft helium was trapped LBW by Australia's Nathan Lyon. (AP)

"Stokes, you're fat," the paper reported 1 idiosyncratic arsenic saying.

"Take your jumper off, Bairstow, suffer immoderate value Bairstow," was besides overheard.

Leading up the stairs, Stokes did not respond to the maltreatment directed astatine him but stopped successful his tracks and glared towards the assemblage aft the remarks aimed astatine his teammate.

Bairstow past yelled an irked reply to his abuser.

"That's right. Just crook astir and locomotion away. Weak arsenic p---," helium tin beryllium heard saying.

Speaking aft play, Bairstow said it was needless for viewers to personally onslaught the visiting players.

Jonny Bairstow celebrates aft reaching his Test century. (Cricket Australia via Getty Imag)

"It was conscionable a spot of bad-mouthing from the crowd, it's not the top and it's not needed," helium said.

"We're retired determination trying to bash our jobs, radical are retired determination enjoying the day's cricket. Unfortunately, sometimes you person radical who overstep the mark.

"I deliberation it's important to basal up for ourselves due to the fact that if we're not lasting up for ourselves arsenic good past we tin bull it, particularly erstwhile radical overstep the people they request to beryllium told."

Green transportation crashes into Stokes' disconnected stump

Bairstow had the past laugh, battling done to grounds England's archetypal period of this Ashes series. Though the spectators who taunted him would not person seen his milestone aft being directed to permission the SCG prematurely.

"It'd person been nicer if they were determination giving it erstwhile we walked disconnected astatine the end, wouldn't it?" Bairstow said.

"Unfortunately, they weren't determination astatine the end, they missed the extremity of a fantastic time of Test cricket."

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