How a video store bonanza created a UFC star

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The UFC's newest Australian Jack Della Maddalena has ever loved a fight.

The 25-year-old welterweight became drawn to the athletics done a emotion of nonrecreational wrestling (HHH and Shawn Michaels among his favourites), arsenic good arsenic immoderate MMA and boxing highlights helium and his member could find online - but it wasn't afloat realised until helium deed the jackpot.

"When I was existent young, determination was a video store selling a heap of UFC videos for 2 dollars a popular - truthful I went successful determination with like, 20 bucks and bought arsenic galore arsenic I could," helium told Wide World of Sports.

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"They were each sorts of aged ones; Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, Chuck Liddell fights, and it was conscionable astonishing to watch. I'd ever enjoyed watching warring and seeing it successful a sanctioned mode was truthful chill to watch.

"If I ever had an enactment to articulation a gym I knew I would, and past it came up."

Jack Della Maddalena volition marque his authoritative UFC debut astatine UFC 270. (Getty)

Della Maddalena said from his archetypal session, helium was hooked.

"I knew 100 per cent I'd vie astatine immoderate signifier - I had nary thought astatine that constituent that it would beryllium thing I could bash arsenic a job."

We've seen immoderate Australian fighters precocious who've retained their occupations during their archetypal trips into the UFC - but Della Maddalena placed a monolithic stake connected himself a twelvemonth ago, erstwhile helium near his occupation successful concern to ore afloat clip connected fighting.

"I've benignant of enactment each my eggs successful this basket, to conscionable spell for it," helium said.

It's a gamble that's paid off.

First, aft 9 consecutive wins helium was selected to vie connected Dana White's Contender Series, wherever those who impressment are handed shots successful the UFC proper. He duly obliged, and was handed a contract.

"It was a batch of agelong years of hard enactment that came down to 1 moment," helium said of that win.

Now, Della Maddalena is flying retired of Australia contiguous en way backmost to Vegas, wherever he'll bid for his combat against Brazil's Warlley Alves astatine UFC 270.

"Warlley's going to bring it but I'm decidedly going to basal my crushed successful the centre and person a bully scrap with him," helium said.

"I'm going to effort and onshore a batch of hard punches and kicks to get him retired of determination - but fans tin expect a good, coagulated fight."

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