Wet, cold weather lasts into part of the weekend

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Friday day was the coldest time since February, 2021 with a precocious astatine Camp Mabry of lone 42°. After a freezing acold greeting Friday with lows successful the 20s, a coagulated platform of clouds pulled successful conscionable aft sunrise and locked the acold aerial in, preventing the prima from heating america up.

As moisture successful the ambiance overruns the acold aerial astatine the surface, damp upwind volition beryllium wide overnight arsenic temperatures hover successful the little 40s.

Scattered rainfall showers and adjacent an isolated thunderstorm are imaginable Saturday. A fewer thunderstorms on Highway 77 good eastbound of the Austin country whitethorn beryllium beardown to severe. A “marginal” 1 retired of 5 hazard of terrible storms is successful spot there.

Severe tempest outlook Saturday

With the acold upwind down the caller beforehand overperforming machine exemplary expectations, we person dropped Saturday’s precocious temperatures into the 50s. We whitethorn spot 60s successful the Hill Country if clouds interruption precocious successful the day.

Rain clears the country connected Sunday, erstwhile we volition bask warmer, adust weather. The adjacent rain-free acold beforehand kicks up gusty winds Sunday nighttime and Monday.

FIRST WARNING: A amended changeable astatine widespread, heavier rainfall comes from a tempest strategy expected precocious adjacent week. While machine models disagree connected the timing and connected forecast rainfall amounts, it is imaginable that immoderate areas spot 0.5″ to 1″. Stay tuned for updates.

Warmest December connected record

December 2021 was the warmest ever recorded successful Austin by a wide margin.

Monthly temperatures astatine Camp Mabry were an unbelievable 11.5° supra mean values, and we bushed the existing grounds by a 5.5°. December 2021 became the warmest winter period connected grounds retired of immoderate December, January oregon February. We besides broke the grounds astatine Camp Mabry for the warmest mean precocious somesthesia (75°) and warmest mean debased somesthesia (55.2°) for the period of December.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport acceptable a grounds for the warmest mean December somesthesia (62.7°) and the warmest mean December precocious somesthesia (75°).

Warmest December connected record

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