Gulf To Bay Digital Services Announces Jason Roberts Achieves Retargeting Traffic Certification

Gulf To Bay Digital Services is proud to announce Jason Roberts, has obtained an Achievement of Excellence certification in Retargeting Traffic, and is recognized as a Retargeting Specialist.Jason Roberts of Gulf To Bay Digital Services has been certified in recognition of outstanding knowledge and expertise in the marketing discipline of "Retargeting."This achievement is bestowed on only a select few who have obtained excellence in three core areas:The first is in the area of market expertise. Rigorous hours have been spent studying and learning the latest, most innovative, and effective retargeting strategies.The second is achieving excellence through comprehensive, repeated market testing and implementation.The third and final area is through completing a case study practicum where their results consistently outperform the national average.More information about Roberts' certification can be found at Gulf To Bay Digital Services...With years of expertise in everything from boosting traffic, social media, premium video content, and brand and reputation management, our unique approach to marketing can have a profound impact on any company in as little as a few days to weeks.We know it's difficult for local companies to keep up with the latest strategies to maximize their profits. That's why Gulf To Bay Digital Services focuses on assisting local companies to grow their brand and reputation using industry-leading strategies and techniques. We are passionate about helping companies find the newest and most effective ways to drive new clients directly to your door.And we don't stop with retargeting. Our strategies help you find new customers, engage them, and secure them. Most importantly, we do this without you wasting your precious time or resources.Let us worry about finding your new business so that you can focus on your company.Contact:Jason RobertsGulf To Bay Digital Services(727) 686-8372jgroberts2002@gmail.com

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